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Indie Author Week: The Wrap-Up & Follow Friday #014

Wow! Another Indie Author Week come & gone. I had fun reading & writing about Indie Publishing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. So here's the wrap-up!

We Learned...

     Angela Carlie
          ... is a big animal lover which explains those snuggly bear shifters in Loramendi's Story (hehe).
          ... wishes life was as easy as a cheeseburger, but you probably won't see her eating one!
          ... really knows how to write the creepy stuff. Have you read Spider Wars yet?

     Christina J. Adams
          ... loves books so much she can't pick just one favorite. But hey, neither can I!
          ... has been a gladiator, a spy, a gourmet chef, a horse, an elf, a queen, and a brilliant detective.
              Well, in her imagination at least.
          ... is a magnificent world-builder. You must must MUST read The White Lilac!

You Read...

     About My
          ... 5 Rules of Thumb for deciding whether or not to accept an indie review request
          ... 10 Top Indie Book & Top 5 Indie Author Recommendations
          ... Criteria for Attractive Indie Book Covers

And Now For The Finale

Because I love Indie Books & their authors so much, I want to pass some along to you! So please enter below to receive an ebook prize package of 10 great indie books! Because their ebooks, this contest is open to one & all. Just enter with the Rafflecopter entry below. No tweeting or friending, just clicke enter! Contest Deadline: Friday, April 19.

What You Win

Anathem by Megg Jensen
Into The Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick
Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn
Panty Raid at Zombie High by Rusty Fischer
Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby
Spider Wars by Angela Carlie
The Soulkeepers by GP Ching
Ushers, Inc. by Rusty Fischer
The White Lilac by Christina J. Adams

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