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Thoughts on Retro Reads & Nouveau Fare

So I have neglected my blog for a month in the pursuit of fulfilling at least a large part of my first reading resolution for this year. I have read almost entirely through the box of Richie Tankerseley Cusick books I possess and have found myself really enjoying the experience. I had forgotten how simple, formulaic, mysterious, and easy-to-read they were. The stories all focus on one girl (or, in the case of Someone At The Door, one girl & her little sister) who ends up in a strange situation, cut off from friends & family somehow, and being stalked by someone nutty through some labyrinthine house or building. There are usually at least 3 guys with varying attraction to the protagonist & invariably the stalking nut job is mystery (at least to me) until the end. I love them!

What I noticed while I was reading these books is that, in their simplicity, they have held my attention over 2 decades in ways that a lot of newer YA releases have failed to accomplish. I think one of the main reasons for this is that editors, publishers, & ultimately authors as well have all decided that they need to find the next Twilight or Harry Potter. So books have gotten longer, leading to sometimes a lot of convoluted (or lack of) plot & bizarre character development. It has also brought about a craze of being bigger & better & pushing the envelope as far as possible without getting a smack down by critics & parents -- and sometimes not even caring about that!

I miss the simple, every-day girl from the YA books I used to read. Like I've been reading this month. She is who she is without apology & without having to be over-the-top edgy in some way. She doesn't need to stand out. She just exists to be stalked by a nut job and entertain me without making me feel sorry for her emotional issues. Which is not to say that I have a huge issue with books about gritty real life. I'm just wondering what happened to books that didn't need to get into all that? I liked those too!


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