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Books & Movies: The Forest of Hands & Teeth and Twilight??

The Forest of Hands & Teeth IS NOT Equal to Twilight

I tend to skulk around the pages of upcoming YA books being made into movies. It had been some time since The Forest of Hands & Teeth had been updated so I went snooping over to the production company's website hoping they had more info up.

According to Seven Star Pictures: Forest of Hands and Teeth centers on a young girl in a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world that is in the vain of Twilight.

Well, first of all, it's pretty sad that they misspelled "vein" but that wasn't what got under my skin. I read all 4 Twilight books (if you know me, you know why) & I don't recall in all of the near 2,500 pages in that series any instance of Bella & Edward fighting off the zombie apocalypse. I don't remember Alice wearing proper, long drab dresses or Carlisle working in a cult-funded infirmary rather than a modern hospital. It never happened.

So I can only assume that the production company is so little that someone's 12-year-old daughter updates their website & thought it would be a funny prank to compare two entirely different works of fiction in a movie synopsis. That is, unless, they are preparing to completely modernize The Forest of Hands & Teeth into a Twilight-esque movie.

Are we really going to have to watch Mary go to high school? Will she fall for one of the infected beyond the fences who will be sentient enough to not want to eat her? Are the Sisterhood going to be transformed into something resembling The Volturi? I hope not! If they spoil this movie just to make a Twilight clone the way the CW has spoiled The Vampire Diaries (and The Secret Circle for the sake of an association with TVD) I will be boycotting.

And please tell me we won't have to see sparkly zombies. Please? I'm begging.

sparkly zombie

8 Bad Book Design/Name Trends & 1 I Love

I have noticed, especially with the explosion of the YA genre, a tendency for book design/names to take on trends. Which, you know, is a normal thing because just about everything, from cars to hair to music, takes on trends depending on the mood of the general public. What I've observed however are that some of the trends in book covers is that they go so far into a trend that they begin to all look the same. I suppose that could be smart marketing strategy if you want the reader to simply pick up a book because it looks like one they've already read and enjoyed. I'll give publishers the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Except for those of us who don't mindlessly pick up books because the font on the cover reminds me of the font from another book I just read, the similarity has begun to get monotonous. So here is my list of book design/name trends that need to be over and done. The covers I showcase have been done. I don't want to see anymore like them. There needs to be some diversity in YA book covers!

1. Bizarre Eyes

Like the recently receding trend in girls in ball gowns or prom dresses, most of the characters depicted don't actually have crazy eyes. Fade eye trend, fade!

2. This Font & The Similar Variations

It's cool & it's sort of the trademark of The Beautiful Creatures series. That's enough.

3. This Guy in The Hoodie

Yes, it's the same guy. GP Ching used him first & then suddenly he popped up everywhere (all those copycats, poor GP)! I only found 3 but I know I've seen more. And covers with other guys in hoodies standing in shadows looking creepy. No more please!

4. Inexcusably Hideous Covers

How hard is it to look at what is being published already & design accordingly? Using default fonts & default font colors in MS Paint or Picasa is lazy because there are so many ways of obtaining a decent cover -- including finding a designer who is looking to build a portfolio & may design for free... like me.

5. Odd Torsos

I just don't understand. It's worse than the whole macro shot of facial feature trend. It's focusing on the middle of the body, giving it the look, especially in the case of the middle photo, of a crime scene where a decapitation has occurred. Headless chicks work better in zombie stories.

6. Backs

Why? I mean I sort of get the Sweet Venom one, but otherwise why all the backs? Is it because it's easier to place text over them? I'd rather see a face. But then maybe I'm just odd.

7. The [Profession]'s Daughter

This naming trend has been done enough. Let's move one, please. The adult book genre has an overabundance of them: The Memory Keeper's Daughter, The Bonesetter's Daughter, The Boneman's Daughters, The Heretic's Daughter, The Calligrapher's Daughter, The Hangman's Daughter, The Hummingbird's Daughter, The Concubine's Daughter, The Gravedigger's Daughter, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Don't get me started on the whole The [Profession]'s Wife epidemic...

8. The [Verb or Adjective] of [Full Name]

This one is becoming the new The [Profession]'s Daughter and it's equally as clone-ish.

But The Redheads Can Stay!

Of course, there's ONE trend that I've seen lately that I wholy embrace & will always & forever say GIMME MORE! And that's red-heads! I can't get enough of them. More please!


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