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Just Curious: LAS

So I'm curious of all the bloggers & authors who check this page out periodically, which of you might be interested in a writing exercise called Last Author Standing? It's pretty simple. You write a story of a set length (probably not real long) and submit it before a certain deadline. Then they are posted anonymously and readers vote. The authors are then revealed & the author with the least votes is eliminated and the other authors write a new story for the next round. And so it goes until there is a single author standing. The last one, that is.

It would simply be fun and something to drive readers to your blogs to read and vote and interact because it could very easily be fanfiction that you write. Definitely a Twitter tie-in for voting and Teams and what have you.

So... Any interest?

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  1. I am not an author really, just a blogger but I actually think it would be fun to do this. Will it be open to anyone? Either way, I am curious to see what you do with this idea, I think it is great!

  2. @Shannon -- yes, open to anyone! I'm hoping to get anyone who's interested involved.

  3. Depending on the set length, I'm totally interested!


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