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Guest Blogger: Trish @ Just a YA Girl

Well my lovelies, here is the second of my fabulous guest bloggers today. Please welcome the awesome Trish of Just a YA Girl! Oh & please visit her blog -- it's absolutely gorgeous!

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Sites That Saved My Blogging Life!

I know that when I first started as a book blogger I was more than a little ecstatic over my new pet. I was going to dress up my blog, make it really pretty, and then I was going to do all these amazing tricks with it. I was going to do author interviews, and review all the books I wanted, and it was going to be freaking fantastic!

So, I plunged into the net looking for the perfect outfit. I was at it for three days, then a week. At which point I was ready to hurl my laptop out the window and find a new hobby. The point is that layouts on the net for bloggers suck. You have to look long and hard. So, the first thing that saved my life.

  1. Stalking Observing Other Blogs

Most blogs on the net are either created professionally or were put together by the blogger. Normally if the background or layout was free and provided by someone else, then there is a link back to the download site. Look for those link backs on blogs you like. Don’t copy the blog’s layout! That’s just mean. Chances are if you liked one background that you found on that blog, then you will like other backgrounds created by the same people.

I used Nymphont for my layout. She is amazing and talented and has so many beautiful layouts for the picking. If her work isn’t to your taste, here’s some more linkies for you: Makin’ Cute Blogs (this place is awesome! Also has easy to follow tutorials.), Cutest Blog on the Block, Simply Chic Blogs.

  1. Googling Learning Code

Yeah, I know. Code sucks. But the truth of the matter is you have to know it. It will make your life a whole lot easier. I’m not saying you have to enroll in a class at the university. No, but you do need to know the basics. I learned this personally via many sleepless nights. Be very specific about your question when you Google and you shall receive your answer :)

  1. Stalking Established Blogs, Listening to My Elders

The book blogging community is really warm and friendly. A lot of established bloggers have sections on their blogs where they post frequently asked questions about blogging and tips. Rachel at Parajunkee’s View has Book Blogging 101 every Thursday, as well as a book blogging methods, morals, gaining followers, technical help (this is where the code comes in) and some misc. section. She also has a separate design website, Parajunkee Design where has a few more design tips to share under html & design tutorials. As you can tell I have stalked learnt many things from that wonderful woman. Kristi at the Story Siren is another great blogger with a book blogging help section under blog help. She has wonderful advice and is really friendly. I her as much as I do Parajunkee.

  1. Commenting My Little Heart Out

Blogging is incredibly social and, as a newbie, nobody will know you exist unless you speak up. The best way to do that is comment. Comment, comment, comment! There’s an unspoken rule in the book blogging world. You comment nicely on my blog, I comment on yours. Pretty simple. Keep in mind that you need to actually say something more than just “Great comment! Follow me back!” that’s considered spam and most bloggers ignore such comments. A way to advertise your blog and to be nice about it is to include a link back to your blog. This is one of those code things. I use it all the time. Put your nickname and then below type this (a href=”yourblogurl”)Your blog name(/a) but replace the ( ) with < >.

Another thing I learned is that meme’s were my best friend. Sometimes. Most bloggers have mixed feelings about meme’s. They either love them or hate them. As a new blogger it’s a great way to get your name out there, but don’t go overboard. There are meme’s for everyday of the week and most book bloggers ignore blogs that have nothing but meme’s and no reviews. I try to keep a balance. I do Manga Mondays, Waiting on Wednesday, and IMM on Sunday. Here’s a list of meme’s that you could participate in.

Monday- It’s Monday what are you reading?

Tue- Tune in Tuesday, Teaser Tuesday

Wed- WWW Wednesday, Waiting On Wednesday

Thur- Book Trailer Thursday, The Time Will Come

Fri- Follow Friday, Book Blogger Hop, TGIF, Friday Fun

Sat- Saturday Book Swap, A Year Gone By

Sun- In My Mailbox,

  1. Have fun!

Really. Blogging is hard work, but it’s a blast. I love blogging. I love it because I meet people from all over the world with the same passion as me. You can’t beat that. When creating the buttons for your site, when talking books, and when commenting have fun! Seriously. Be yourself and enjoy it. That’s what gets people to read your blog. Not how pretty it is or how many meme’s you participate in, but by how much you love what you are doing.


  1. Thank you for the chance to guest post! I'm really busy right now so I didn't post a link on my blog (It's on Hiatus right now) to yours. Next time. Promise! :)

    ♥ Trish

  2. great guest post! I love Trish's blog and I agree with a lot of the points here!! :D


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