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Promising Patterns #002: Iron

Promising Patterns is a new thing I've decided to do because I've been noticing quite a few patterns in YA books and publishing lately. I thought it would be fun to point the ones out that I've found and invite you to also point out the ones you've noticed. I love patterns and finding them is like a treasure hunt to me!

This second installment focuses on the word iron which seems to be appearing quite a bit in the titles of YA books recently. I kept seeing it over and over without realizing that some of them were actually parts of series so perhaps it's not as prevalent as I first thought but there are at least 3 series out now with iron in the title.

Here are the three series and a bit about them. I put them in alphabetical order to avoid favoritism (though I have yet to read any of them).

Iron Codex

books: the iron thorn (#1)
author: caitlin kittredge
author website:
genre: alternate history / steampunk

Iron Fey

books: the iron king (#1), winter's passage (#1.5), the iron daughter (#2), the iron queen (#3), the iron knight (#4)
author: julie kagawa
author website:
genre: fantasy

Iron Witch

books: the iron witch (#1), the wood queen (#2), the stone demon (#3)
author: karen mahoney
author website:
genre: science fiction & fantasy

Tell me about any promising patterns you've noticed in YA books lately!

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  1. Cool idea! I can't really compare, because the only one of those series I've read is The Iron Fey. I'll have to read the other two :)

    New post for Debut Author Incites is up :)


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